Political exposed person (PEP):

  • Head of state, member of the Swedish Parliament, minister or assistant minister.  
  • Board member of political parties represented in legislative bodies.
  • Parliament representative for the Swedish parliament or European parliament or other legislative bodies.
  • Judge of the Supreme Court and the Supreme Administrative Court, 
  • The Auditors General, Member of the Executive Board of the Central Bank (Riksbanken)
  • Ambassador, high-ranking officer in armed forces (general and air chief marshal, lieutenant general and air marshal, admiras, vice admiras and rear admiras)
  • CEO or director of state-owned companies
  • Member of the senior management of an international organisation (director, general secretarie, etc.).

Family members

  • Spouse or person considered to be equivalent to a spouse, e.g. registered partner, common law spouse
  • Children and their spouse, common-law spouse or registered partner
  • Parents

Close associated

  • A Person who, jointly with a PEP, owns or otherwise exercise controlling influence over a company.
  • A person who otherwise has, or has had a close relationship with a PEP witch need not to be commercial relationship.
  • A person who alone owns a company which in reality been formed for the benefit of a PEP.