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Why does Danske Bank ask District users to provide a valid ID document and in some cases a proof of address?

All banks that operate in Sweden must have detailed knowledge of their customers in accordance with the Money Laundering Act, and this includes Danske Bank. As part of the due diligence work with our customers, we have to identify our customers and the people who represent our customers. We also need to know how our customers use our products and services. 
In the past District users could register without having to prove their identity. As the Money Laundering Act requires us to identify representatives of our customers as well, we have updated our process. This is why we need to ask all District users to prove their identity, either using their BankID or by producing a valid photo ID document. 
If a District user does not identify themselves with a BankID, they also need to provide a proof of address (for example a water bill or rent receipt). This document must be dated within the last six months and the address must be the same as the District user’s registered address. 

Q&A regarding the uploading of documentation

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