Update the information about your association/foundation

At Danske Bank we work continually to ensure that we have detailed knowledge of you as a customer and comply with the requirements of the Swedish Money Laundering Act. We need to know how our customers use our products and services. This includes products and services from Danske Finans, for example leasing and hire purchase. If you have been asked to update the information we have about your company, please do it as soon as possible.

How to proceed:

You need to copy the sections of the following documents that show who represents your operations (Board members and signatories):

  1. Send copies of the most recent version of the certificate of registration or the minutes from the inaugural annual general meeting, and statutes by uploading them via danskebank.se/OBJsecureupload.
    • If your operations have not been registered and do not have a certificate of registration, please attach the minutes from the most recent meeting of your operations.
    •  If the contact details do not appear on the certificate of registration or the minutes from the annual general meeting, you need to send a copy of a document with contact details.
  2. When we have received the documents, we will contact you and ask you to answer questions about your operations.


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