Partnering for Change: Tech as an Enabler

Welcome to listen to this session on Partnering for Change: Tech as an Enabler, powered by Danske Bank in partnership with Reach for Change.

There is no question that if technology is used in the right way, it can be a game changer when it comes to creating a more equitable, sustainable and purpose-driven world. Tech impacts our everyday lives and will undoubtedly continue to define our future - however it is up to us to determine what kinds of solutions and opportunities we want it to create.

See the recorded version below.

In this session, we will highlight inspiring examples of how tech can be an enabler for accelerating social impact. We are also honoured to welcome Anna Bäck, CEO Kivra, Erik Wottrich, Head of Sustainability Tele2 and Claire Morris, Director of Social Impact, Babylon, when we dig deeper into the role that businesses can have in catalysing tech solutions for a more socially inclusive and sustainable world.