Verify your prequalification letter

In order for us to be able to give you a preapproval - our conditional agreement to offer you a specific amount of loan, you need to provide us with information regarding the housing you won the bid on and also confirm your financial information stated in the application. You upload the documents digitally and enter the information in the form below. 
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Personal information

Please attach files:

If you do not have your salary deposited at Danske Bank today, you need to send us your employment contract and the pay slips from the three latest months. If you receive salary in another currency than SEK, you need to send us the six latest pay slips.

In order for us to verify your salary you need to log on to and retrieve a tax statement for the last moths salary. To do this:

1. Log on to your personal profile on the Swedish Tax Agency´s website.
2. Click on “Skatter och deklarationer” (Taxes and Declarations)
3. Click on ”Lön, pension, sjukpenning mm” (Salary, pension, sickness benefits)
4. Select this year´s income summary and click on “Save PDF” then send it to us.

We also need to know the origin of your down payment which needs to be verified by a certificate. For instance a deed of gift or inheritance document.

Below you can upload your files. Accepted formats are pdf, jpeg, jpg, png or gif.

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As soon as you submit the information with the supporting documentation, we will process your request. If you sent us the information before 13:00, we will respond to you the same day. If the information is received after, we will answer your request on the next banking day. If we have any further questions or need to complete your application, we will contact you by phone.

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