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All banks that operate in Sweden must have detailed knowledge of their customers, and this includes Danske Bank. We need to know how our customers use our products and services. We have to collect and update information about our customers on a regular basis in order to comply with the requirements of the Swedish Act on Measures against Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing. This is why we are contacting many customers and asking you to update the information we have about you.

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Why do we need this information?

Question and Answer

  • What will happen if I do not answer the questions?
    Your answers are important to us. They allow us to continue to hold information about you as a customer, and this places us in a better position from which to protect you, ourselves as a company and society in general from being used for criminal activities such as money laundering or the funding of terrorism. If we do not receive your answers, we may unfortunately be forced to limit access to your banking services and accounts at Danske Bank. Of course, this is something we would prefer to avoid.
  • What will happen if the bank limits access to my banking services and accounts?

    If we do not receive your answers within the set time, we will limit access to your banking services and accounts with us. 

    This means that:

    •  You will be unable to make any withdrawals from your accounts.
      This includes payments, standing orders, autogiro, e-invoices, etc. It also includes payments towards all loan types that are taken from your Danske Bank accounts, such as mortgages, rents, insurance premiums, etc.
    • You will be unable to use cards; either debit cards or credit cards.
    • You will be unable to buy securities such as funds and shares.

    Danske Bank accepts no liability for financial losses or other consequences as a result of these restrictions.

    When you have answered the questions and enclosed your ID, it will take a few working days to remove the restriction so that you can use your banking services and accounts with us again.

  • How do I submit a copy of my ID (driving licence, passport, ID card)?

    Take a photo of your ID with your camera phone. 

    Then go to the page Upload your documents and select “I am already a customer with the bank upload ID/Passport/Documents”. Then you fill in the information requested, upload the photo of your ID and click “Send”.  

  • Why do you need to answer questions and/or provide proof of identity?
    Swedish law requires banks to maintain accurate details of you as a customer and your banking business. As a bank, we need to understand the purpose of the business relationship and of the transactions that you want to perform. So from time to time we will have to ask all our customers a number of questions.

    This is to protect both you and us from being exploited for criminal activity.
  • What information do you need now? 

    Right now, we are updating our customer details by asking questions about: 

    • which country/countries you are a citizen of
    • whether you are a sole trader and, if you are, whether you use an account with Danske bank for the business concerned
    • whether you are, or someone in your family or someone you work closely is, a PEP (a politically exposed person)

  • Do all customers need to update their data?  
    Yes, all customers need to regularly update their data. 

    However, the timing of this may vary from customer to customer, as well as the questions we ask, and some customers may also need to provide a copy of a valid ID.
    In some situations, we may also need to obtain various types of documentation to support the information you provide.  

  • Does the bank have the right to ask these kinds of questions? 
    Yes. We have not only the right, but also the obligation to ask the questions we deem necessary for us to get to know our customers and understand the purpose of the business relationship and the transactions you as a customer wish to perform.
    For more information about why banks are asking questions, go to
  • What happens to the answers to the questions?