Important changes in your payment services from Danske Bank

This page gives you as a business customer important information and dates regarding sending payment files to Danske Bank - more specifically for supplier and salary payments.

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With the new Nordic payment infrastructure P27 you will be able to execute and manage Nordic payments in a simpler, faster and safer way. It will be easier for you to manage payments between the Nordic countries (Denmark, Sweden and Finland initially) in their currencies, since you only need to use one standardized format (XML).

Danske Bank is now preparing for changes in the payment infrastructure in the Nordic countries coming the following years. This means, among other things, that the new standard for file payments in the Nordic countries will be ISO20022 XML, but also that Dansk Bank updates products to further harmonize payments and file formats in the Nordic countries. Read more about how P27 is effecting you as a customer.

The first products to be updated are Bankgiro Leverantörsbetalningar LB and Bankgirolön (KI) to Danske Bank Leverantörsbetalningar and Danske Bank Löner (Danske Bank's Supplier Payments and Danske Bank Salary). With the updated products you may continue to use the Bankgiro formats during a transition period. Please observe that digital reports replace paper reports and that you in addition will be able to see the payment information directly in District, benefit from improved cut-off times and more retries for payments if there are insufficient funds on the account. Incoming payments are not affected by this change.

Why these updates to products?

The transiton to Danske Bank Leverantörsbetalningar and Danske Bank Löner is to prepare for the new payment infrastructure the Swedish banks have agreed on and which is to be delivered the years to come. This will improve the payment services for you as a customer:

  • Harmonized processes for payments and file formats.
  • Faster reporting.
  • Improved cut-off times.
  • Digital reports instead of paper reports.
  • Overview of all payments in District including print functionality of receipts.

What is changing?

Today supplier and salary payment files are processed by Bankgirot.
These payments will instead be processed by Danske Bank and will be displayed in District together with the Bank’s other payments. 

  • Files with supplier- and salary payment are still to be sent to Danske Bank.
  • Validation of file formats and payment information will be done immediately in District.
  • Payment information will be presented in District. If you have questions regarding your payments please contact the bank instead of Bankgiro.
  • Reporting files will be available in District.

Read more about the technical changes in formats in the Technical Manual and Business Rules.

How will this affect you as a customer?

New flow to handle payments

Changes to consider

  • Digital reports instead of paper reports.
  • Improved cut-off times.
  • More retries for payments if there are insufficient funds on the account 
  • Options for how the payments are to be booked on the debit account.
  • Reduced number of payment references per payment to the beneficiary.
  • Credit notes can be included but the netted payment amount to the beneficiary has to be a larger than 0.
  • Monitoring of credit notes will not be supported. This can often be offered by your ERP-system instead.
  • Authorisations and access rights are not affected by this change, but we would like to remind you that as a routine you should review them regularly.

Good advice! Keep in mind that your reconciliation process may change, make sure you have access to the desired files and reports in the District.

How do you prepare your business for the transition?


ERP system

Regardless of the ERP system you are using today, you should contact your system supplier prior to the update to ensure you understand how your payments are affected. This is particularly important if you send credit invoices for monitoring to Bankgirot today.

Internal procedures and processes

Keep in mind that the updated products can affect internal working methods and processes. Example:

  • Faster reporting.
  • Digital reports in District instead of paper reports from Bankgirot.
  • Better cut-off times and more retries.
  • Overview of all payments in District including print functions for receipts.

When and how till the transition happen?

Through District, we will provide timely information about when the updated products Danske Bank Supplier Payments and/or Danske Bank Salaries will be activated for your District agreement. 

According to plan, the transition takes place between March and October 2021.

Once you have transitioned to the updated products, you will be able to take advantage of those features in District. If you have any questions,  please contact Customer Service.

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Questions & answers about

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